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Earn money easily

Coupon codes are the new way to save money for millions customers in U.S.A. Getting a coupon code is like getting a secret opportunity to save money !

David T.

It's for this reason Coopoon exist (coupon syndication). We have made a white label to help each webmaster wants create a coupon codes website or category without spending time with update or maintenance. Just configure, and see... You'll be available for any other project and in the same time you will earn money !

The revenue system is based on clic sharing. Coupon codes are hidden and to show them, the user must do a clic. Every clics are counted and you get 75% of them. You are paid directly by our affiliates partners, this is a great security for you !

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Our technology is easy to setup.

Just copy/paste some line of php code and get started ! No maintenance or time to spend for give away your coupon code website, we do the job ourselves ! We work with Linkshare, Commision Junction, Google C.C.... so just select programs you want to participate and earn money !

Additionnal advantages

There was so many advantages that we haven't related here, but feel free to discover them by testing our white label.

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What's new ?

September 22, 2012

You don't imagine how is easy to manage a coupons site with us !

March 13, 2011

Special offer Receive 100% clics back (and revenues) instead 75% until May 15 !

december 27, 2007
Coopoon is launching !
We are very proud to present our new solution available for any webmaster wants to improve his website or make a new one by installing a coupon codes area.

They use our technology

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